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Tủ hấp Plasma tiệt trùng HRF 3000

    Low temp. Plasma sterilization is suitable for sterilization of medical devices like flexible & rigid endoscopes, semi rigid uretroscopes metal, non metal, head & moisture sensitive instruments etc.

    It should have Rectangular Chamber with usable chamber volume of at least 30 liters.

    It should environment friendly and has no toxic byproducts or harmful residues.

    It should be microprocessor control and have display and an integrated printer for reporting complete cycle information.

    It should use sterilant dose of less than 5ml/cycle.

    It should be mobile.

    It should conform to international safety and quality standards with proper certifications such as ISI/CE etc.

    It should be supplied with accessories sufficient for at least 100 sterilization cycles and a sealing Machine.

    It should be sterilized Between the range 35° C - 55°C , can be set depending on the inquiry

    It should be sterilized Short Program : 45 minutes, Long Program : 75 minutes, Special Lumen Program : 90 minutes Special “etching” program (optional

    It should be processed Preparation (Vacuum test, conditioning etc.) Sterilization (H O injection, plasma, etc.) 2Ventilation (Air Shower) All process stages are starts and ends automatically.

    It should be mixture ratio gas used%50 H2O2 (Hydrogen Peroxide) P H 0 (distilled water) mixture.

    It should be sterilized on 200-500mTorr Plasma pressure ( 300 – 10000mTorr Diffusion Pressure) Electronically controlled

    It should be certified by international standard organizations like CE /ISO

    It should be warning system Visual and Audial Alarm. There are several sensors and pressure transducers which gives several data such as temperature, pressure et

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